Split view & tabs

You can open threads, direct chats, tasks, etc side-by-side by holding Option/Alt while opening. Hold Command/Control to open in new tabs.

↘ Check out the tabs and panes (click to view full image): Multi-pane view

We re-wrote our whole router to enable cool features like >2 panes split view, vertical splits and more.


  • ↗️ #linear: Put #linear in your message and AI will add an issue in your default Linear team issues (or triage)
  • 🆕 Better create Linear issue: From the message menu, press "Create Issue" and now it embeds images and videos. AI will generate an issue title (you can edit too)
  • 📺 Loom embed on iOS: It shows title, GIF preview, and duration
  • 👨‍💻 In-progress Linear task is visible above your avatar when present

Fixes & smaller improvements

  • Added special rendering for emoji-only messages
  • Improved tab rendering to show page title instead of space name only
  • Added "All" option for sending nudge to all participants in threads
  • Added chat backgrounds in iOS
  • Added a lock icon for private threads to diffrentiate them
  • Changed "Tasks" name to "Daily tasks" in sidebar
  • Improved performance while switching tabs so it's under 100ms
  • Added markdown parser in chat compose for ``` pasted code blocks
  • Fixed a bug in showing photos sent by copy & paste in iOS
  • Fixed a bug in video thumbnails that resulted in diagonal distortion
  • Fixed showing nudge message for self
  • Fixed scroll jump when loading more messages by scrolling to top in long chats
  • Added a toast with link to open in Linear when it's created within the app


Async threads

New Inbox button on your sidebar. Catch up on async threads and @mentions while keeping your sidebar for important chats. No more FOMO - the Inbox keeps you in the loop.



  • Close threads: Mark threads as closed so they don't show up in CMD + K and tidy up your workspace. You can re-open them later.
  • Private threads: Create new threads limited to select participants.
  • @mention in iOS
  • Rich messaging in iOS: Lists, links, code blocks, and bold/italic text are now supported.
  • Send by camera in iOS

Quality of Life

  • Added fading in of app UI on start in desktop and mobile.
  • Added slide up animation for new messages in chat
  • Fixed compose box width to be stable after writing a message to avoid jumps when writing RTL text.

Smaller improvements

  • Translated desktop app in Chinese, Spanish, French, and Persian.
  • Added "Translate" in menu for individual messages in chat.
  • Added create thread button in sidebar.
  • Added toasts when you remove tasks, move tasks to today, etc.
  • Added mark as read on chats in iOS.
  • Fixed a bug where desktop photos didn't load on iOS.
  • Fixed an issue with unread marks being synced between multiple devices.
  • Fixed Linear issues not syncing with Linear on status update.
  • Fixed a bug in leaving the grid (voice chat) where your avatar was still shown to others.
  • Improved iOS performance in large chats (part 1/2).
  • Fixed floating voice window not being updated correctly.


iOS app beta

📱 Noor on iOS

Notifications, chat, and nudge on the go! A lot to improve, but we've switched to it from Messages. TestFlight:

🔔 Notify

By default chats don't send notifications. Click the bell icon to explicitly send notifications for any message to anyone.

🤟 SVG previews in chat

Drop SVG files or paste SVG code. This is great for sharing icons, logos, etc.

New features

  • 📌 Pin chats for everyone: Put important chats in others sidebar (They can unpin for themselves).
  • ☝️ Mention @all: Send an a special @ unread badge for everyone (mentions don't send notification)
  • 🔕 Enable notifications: Set your preference from @ mentions, all messages or none (default)
  • Forward messages: Forward messages to other chats or teammates.
  • ☑️ Filter Linear issues: Filter by cycle, assignee, etc to pick for your today's tasks.
  • Create Linear issue: Create a Linear issue from any message and attach details (cycle, project, etc)
  • 🌍 Real-time translate: Real-time translation using AI for international teams (Enable in Settings > Features, uses GPT4) Translate popup

Smaller improvements

  • Fixed app speed for large chats with thousands of recent messages
  • Redesigned sidebar to show present members
  • Redesigned account page to match the new style in Settings
  • Redesigned onboarding to match the black and white branding
  • Added pin for you or everyone when starting a new chat
  • Added emoji picker for message reactions
  • Added Date separators between chat messages
  • Added a tooltip over sent time to show date for messages
  • Added Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, etc translations on iOS
  • Fixed online / offline status for iOS
  • Fixed messages posted with #hashtag not updating across chats
  • Added search for chats and messages
  • Removed space timezone to simplify app
  • Profile page now shows your email
  • Added shortcuts to move between tabs, close, and restore (Cmd+1-3, Cmd+Shift+[-], Cmd+W, Cmd+Shift+T)
  • Added changelog modal shown after update
  • Changed the app icon
  • Improved community space so future chats with you — our early users — can happen there


Add #main default thread

Daily chat’s best part are now default for all threads and it is removed now. Start conversations in #main, the space default chat that updates will be posted in. No notifications by default.

App screen-shot More soon...


Pin threads

  • 🖇️ [[thread]]: Link to threads in a chat message by typing two square brackets!
  • ⌨️ Save draft in chat: Don’t lose what you type when navigating between chats
  • 📌 Pin in chat header: You can pin/unpin to sidebar when it’s open
  • 🌱 Connect your personal Linear account to view all your assigned issues (even private issues)


  • Fixes downloaded files that are moved from Downloads not being downloadable
  • Fixes chat scroll being off on open


Notification settings

  • 🛎️ Better notifications: It now correctly asks for permissions, has sound and will be dismissed when you open the app
  • 👋 Better waves: Incoming waves no longer steal focus from your active tab and won’t show the app
  • 🔵 Linear assigned issues: Pick from your assigned issues right in the Tasks
  • 🖼️ Larger photos in chat


  • Fixes first wave notification sometimes being missed
  • Fixes file upload or download progress showing 0%
  • Prevent chat to show “load more” loading when you open chat without scrolling
  • Fixes sometimes no tab being active
  • Fixes invite links being broken
  • Fixes a crash on startup if you have no input devices
  • Fixes wave notification appearing in the wrong position
  • Fixes dates in daily chat being broken if your timezone is in America


Loom embed

  • 📽️ Loom embed: Paste a loom link in your message to have it play inline
  • 🟠 Linear integration in Tasks: Enter the issue identifier or link to add task from Linear with status sync
  • 🔔 Enable notifications for threads or Today
  • 📷 Set profile photo from your GitHub
  • 🙏 New reaction emojis


  • Fixes new threads not appearing in the inbox
  • Fixes space timezone update not propagating to all teammates
  • Fixes setting profile photo from Twitter