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A next-gen team chat app

Async and hi-fi collaboration in one app. It's fast, written in Rust.

Start for FreeAvailable for macOS, iOS and web. Stay tuned for more platforms.

Infinite Threads

Start with one thread (#main) and create as many as you want. Noor is built for nested threads from replies, topic-focused threads (posts), async decision making in long threads and more.


Linking to threads via [[]] and use #thread to create a backlink.


Subscribe to updates while disabling all notifications.

Rich previews

For Linear, Figma, Notion, Loom, and GitHub with a button to open in the desktop app.


Your mentions, replies, and updates relevant to you. Only what's important takes your attention.

Hi-fi collaboration & chats

For when text falls short. Mark yourself present, link together to voice chat & pair, set status and leave whenever you like. Guilt-free.

Focus mode

Mute everything. Hide unread indicators. And teammates can see you're focused.

Global shortcuts

Close the app. Use your keyboard to talk without context switch.

Pop share

Press a hotkey to pop your current browser tab for your teammate.

Multiplayer screen-share

Fast. Optimized for Apple Silicon. Under %2 of CPU usage.


OG internet feature. Press / and type your status


When you really need to break their focus, nudge them with a 👋

Essentials on the go

A native lightweight app for iPhone and iPad.

And more...

Tabs & split view

Easily work with multiple threads


See the local time of your teammates

Loom embed

Instant search

Find instantly in thousands of messages

Precise unread badges

Continue where you left off


Messages, photos and downloaded files are always available.

Optimized for long-form content

We minimized colors, UI and buttons.


Choose your accent color, badge preference, etc.

What's New

We aim for 2 releases every week.

May 21Big iOS Update, Chat Info, Notion TaskMay 02Resize Panes, Github Notifications, Files on iOSApr 26Hold to Talk, Linear in Daily NotesApr 24Better Voice, Speed Improvements and Linear EventsApr 18DMs in Home, and Lots of ImprovementsApr 09All-New Chats PageApr 02Folders in SidebarMar 27New Sidebar, Zapier, Day SeparatorsMar 17Enhanced Loom, Figma, Docs, X, and YouTube PreviewsMar 12Inbox on iOS, Linear Create IssueMar 08Thread IconMar 06Better voice quality & scroll performance+27 more
Noor keeps your messages safe & fully encrypted.
All sensitive data is fully encrypted. Your voice and screen-share never touches our servers unencrypted (peer-to-peer). Noor is written in Rust, a safe programming language. End-to-end encryption for threads coming soon as an option. Read more →
In it for the long haul
We've been working on team collaboration since 2019 — we're obsessed with building it and we'll continue doing it for years to come.
Previously, Mo (our CEO) built There app and it's been running for 6 years. He declined multiple offers to sell.

Our previous app is used by thousands of people at most prominent companies:

© 2022-2024

And will continue to exist for another 10-20 years