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Voice, screen-share and chat for remote teams who love deep work

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It isn't a replacement for Slack and Zoom. It isn't a meeting app. It doesn't oppose async work. It won't neglect your focus time. It is a new thing. A tool that makes in-person level collaboration possible. Makes daily work energizing by breaking isolation.


It’s audio-only by default. Zero fatigue — even after long hours. Forget about your looks. Close Noor window, and focus on the work. Sharing ideas shouldn't require a webcam.

Work in the Grid

It’s incredibly energizing to be around the team a few hours a day. We designed the Grid for this. Click anywhere to join it. Now pressing Option + A opens mic, and Option + S shares your screen.

Hop in and out of the Grid during the day to move from isolated work to teamwork. You can wave at colleagues if you need them urgently.

wave” is a special notification that is easy to ignore yet intuitive enough to convey the level of urgency. i.e. when you click 👋 repeatedly, they’ll notice a tiny counter increase.

Interactive screen-share

Seamless multi-cursor, keyboard, clipboard that works with multi-lingual characters. We’ve written the app in Rust to achieve >0.1 idle CPU and lowest latency using our media pipeline catered for screen pixels.

One-click share
Drop a screen-shot, join the Grid, share your screen — everything is within arm’s reach.
No Electron. It’s low CPU, and starts blazingly fast. You can literally iMessage the app to your friend!
0 notifications
90% of @ notifications are not urgent but they destroy focus. It’s simple: if you really need them, wave.
Lives in the menubar
Noor doesn’t add extra stress to your screen.
Time zones
Shows teammates’ time under their name automatically.
Add Friends
Use it to hang out with friends in your Home space.

Send links, screen-shots, status updates, etc

At the start of the day, a new chat is created for sharing links, screen-shots, asking for feedback, sending status updates, etc throughout the day in a single place for the whole team. It doesn’t send notifications, just an unread badge.

Sign up for the alpha

We’re inviting early users every two weeks. No marketing spam.


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Tools we're grateful for:
Zed, Warp, Linear

Open source projects we depend on:, webrtc-rs, cpal, uWebSockets,
Prisma, Coolify, and more.

People who've kindly helped us in the past:
Daniel Gross, Guillermo Rauch, Johannes Schickling, and Alexandre, Umut, Brandon, Sara, Vlad, Julian, Reza, and all our prev +2k users.