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Chat for high-performance teams

Think and write in threads, focus, and collaborate.

What's New

We aim for 2 releases every week.

Jul 11New Media ViewerMay 21Big iOS Update, Chat Info, Notion TaskMay 02Resize Panes, Github Notifications, Files on iOSApr 26Hold to Talk, Linear in Daily NotesApr 24Better Voice, Speed Improvements and Linear EventsApr 18DMs in Home, and Lots of ImprovementsApr 09All-New Chats PageApr 02Folders in SidebarMar 27New Sidebar, Zapier, Day SeparatorsMar 17Enhanced Loom, Figma, Docs, X, and YouTube PreviewsMar 12Inbox on iOS, Linear Create IssueMar 08Thread IconMar 06Better voice quality & scroll performanceFeb 23Re-designed Mobile Chat, Text StatusFeb 19Improved AlbumsFeb 18Focus ModeFeb 17Search+23 more
In it for the long haul
We've been working on team collaboration since 2019 — we're obsessed with building it and we'll continue doing it for years to come.
Previously, Mo (our CEO) built There app and it's been running for 6 years. He declined multiple offers to sell.

Our previous app is used by thousands of people at most prominent companies:

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And will continue to exist for another 10-20 years