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Chat, collaborate, and build together as a location-independent team.

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When Slack came out we spent the day at the office, now we are wherever we want. But we're still trapped in the text-chat/meetings binary. We can do better. At Noor with an average age of 21 y/o, we could not accept the status quo. It was weird to go from being in one room, to just... texting all day. (No the answer isn't all-day meetings) So we started building an app for ourselves. It took 2.5 years, hundreds of designs, and 16 app iterations to radically re-think teamwork over the internet.

We believe the ideal way to work has can't fall into either sync or async mode. Ideally it's a variety of work-modes during the day. So we want you to have full power to choose how much you want to be present at any moment. At 10am you feel like being in the zone? No questions asked. At 1pm you can be in a chance encounter over voice because you felt like so. To summarize Noor app concept in 5 bullet-points:

  1. Enable full-bandwidth, real-life-level collaboration but give the control to choose the presence level [•]
  2. Assume default is deep work (unless they decide to collaborate)
  3. One-click to share anything
  4. Stays out of your way in the background [•]
  5. Lightweight

Meeting apps like Zoom, and Around use an established pattern among teams. But as much as we like to brainstorm, meetings aren't the way to get things done and relying on them is draining. Virtual office apps like Tandem, Gather, Teamflow, etc (there's too many) —although are closer to real life— rely on being present at all times. This is opposed to how makers do great work (read more). Game-like full-screen apps of this kind are nice for 2 hours hang out, but add too much cognitive load to keep in the background. Taking the brain power you need to get in the zone. Many of the existing solutions are slow, CPU-heavy, and feature-bloated. We didn't like embedding all our apps within iframes under our video avatars.

We wanted to build something we love to talk to our teammates during the day and close at our will. After using our app for hundreds of hours each week just ourselves and then launching a v1, we learned a lot more and set out to build an all-new app. This time in native Rust to have full control over resources to make it snappy, lightweight, reliable and of stellar quality.

Follow us on Twitter to be notified when we publish the new app. It's different from existing attempts at the problem, while being familiar and easy to use. Our ultimate goal is nobody will remember the distinction of remote/office work—as we did in our team. [•]

Mohamad, Ben, Moein, and Dena ✌️

• We utilize macOS menubar and stay out of your dock. App is designed to take minimum screen space. Use global keyboard shortcuts to toggle anything without opening the app. We bring actions in your sight when you need them without opening the full app window.

• Level zero is no promise to respond to messages and without read-receipts. It's important to always keep this guilt-free. Level 1 is text-only. Level 2 is being open to talking in voice. Level 3 is full-on presence via collaborative screen-sharing or enabling camera with your favorite design/whiteboard app like FigJam. An optional level 4 books a flight ticket to your teammate's nearest airport. Pack your things before using it!

• 4 of us spend most of the year near the same city, often within 20 minutes of a cosy office with coffee machine, kitchen, a sleep-friendly coach, separate rooms, and food. After the 3rd iteration of Noor (called There X at the time) we suddenly realized it's no longer being felt whether we are at the office sitting together or at home using Noor. After Noor being more stable, we even liked it more for getting things done as we had control on when to be present.

If you really want to try something now, download our previous Electron version — which is still a great app meanwhile. → →

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