Share Current Tab URL

⌨️ Press Caps lock to mute/unmute

Photo of MacBook keyboard with caps lock key

A new exciting way to utilize your caps lock key. Pick caps lock as your global mic shortcut. Unmute/mute your mic from any app. It won't interfere with your typing. Also, we did some hacking so its tiny LED lights up when your microphone is unmuted in voice chat ✨

πŸ”— Share your browser tab for a teammate instantly via Pop Share

Pop notification for a URL I shared with Noor

This changes how you collaborate: Press a shortcut and your current browser tab URL is automatically pops up for your teammate. They get a small notification and hear a pop sound. Clicking it opens it. The whole flow takes one key press and a click, so fast! It shows both the page title and the URL so you can see what you're opening.

πŸ“± iOS Alpha Two

We're working very hard to make the best work chat app on iOS. Alpha Two brings us a big step closer to that!

Screen-shot of Noor on iPad

Shout out to Alpha One testers. You can test by installing from TestFlight.

Smaller additions

And that's a wrap! If you don’t have the app, visit the download page. Follow updates on X @NoorChat.