Enhanced Loom, Figma, Docs, X, and YouTube Previews

🏷️ Linear issue on the message

Now when you create a Linear issue from a message we show the linked issue on the message for others:

Linear attachment

🌅 Enhanced preview cards

View Figma files, read tweets, watch Loom or YouTube videos without leaving the app.

YouTube videos and tweets:

YouTube and Twitter

Figma and Google Docs:

Google Docs

And clicking Figma cards shows the full interactive preview right in the app:

Figma interactive preview)

🪟 Inbox split view

Inbox items now open in split view by default so it's easy to go through items rapidly:

Inbox split view

📌 Pin threads on iOS

Swipe to pin a thread to your home tab on iOS:

Pin threads

📱 More on iOS