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Presence & chat for teams

Designed for a balance of uninterrupted deep work and intense collaboration bursts. Built to eliminate back and forth and switching tools.

Get StartedStart free. Available for macOS, iOS and web.


It simplifies channels, groups, inline threads, async threads, etc with a single concept. Everything is a thread. You can rename, pin, enable notifications, link to, add/remove participant or close them.


Linking to threads via [[]] and use #thread to create a backlink.

Follow threads

This fixes losing track of messages due to noise across many threads.


Rich link previews

Dedicated previews for Linear, Figma, Notion, Loom, and GitHub with a button to open in the desktop app.

Stay on top of important messages

One Inbox for all your mentions, replies, and updates to threads you follow. brings what’s important in one place.


It shouldn't matter if you're at home at late night or a teammate is 100km away when you need to get work done together.

Focus mode

You can enable Focus to mute all notifications and unread badges. Teammates can see your status too.

Press to talk

Focus on your work and mute/unmute, share screen, etc with global hotkeys.

Press ⌥P to share links

Pop share current browser tab or URL in your clipboard with a key press.

Screen share (beta)

Fast. Native. Under %2 of CPU usage.


Press / to set your current status


A special auto-dismissed notification to grab attention/ask to join.

Essentials on the go

A native, fast, and easy to use app for iPhone and iPad.

And more...

Tabs & split view

Easily work with multiple threads


See the local time of your teammates

Loom embed

Instant search

Find instantly in thousands of messages

Precise unread badges

Continue where you left off


Messages, photos and downloaded files are always available.

Optimized for long-form content

We minimized colors, UI and buttons.


Choose your accent color, badge preference, etc.

What's New

We aim for 2 releases every week.

Feb 23Re-designed Mobile Chat, Text StatusFeb 19Improved AlbumsFeb 18Focus ModeFeb 17SearchFeb 10Follow ThreadsFeb 06AnimationsJan 30Status Indicators (🎧, 🔇, or 🎵)Jan 26Loading & Checkmark on MessagesJan 25InboxJan 19Figma, GitHub and LinearDec 25Share Current Tab URLDec 21Notion Rich PreviewDec 19Screen-Share (alpha)+14 more

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